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I know that I’m running out of time
(I want it all, mmm, mmm)
And I’m wishing they’d stop tryna turn me off
I want it all, mmm, mmm
And I’m walking on a wire, trying to go higher
Feels like I’m surrounded by clowns and liars
Even when I get it all the way
(I want it all, mmm, mmm)We can get ’em running, running, runningJust like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I’mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way
Just like fire, uhAnd people like to laugh at you cause they are all the same, mmm
See I would rather we just go our different way than play the game, mmm
And no matter the weather, we can do it better
You and me together forever and ever
We don’t have to worry about a thing about a thing, noWe can get ’em running, running, runningJust like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I’mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna take?
No one can be just like me any way
Just like fire, fire, fire
Running, running, running
We can get ’em running, running, runningSo I can get it running
Just cause nobody’s done it
Y’all don’t think I can run it
But look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it
Impossible? Please
Watch, I do it with ease
You just gotta believe
Come on, come on with me
Oh, what you gonna do?
(What, what!?)
Oh, what you gonna do?
(What, what!?)
Oh, what you gonna do?
(What, what!?)
Oh, what you gonna do?Just like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any wayJust like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I’mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way
Just like fire, fire!
Running, running, running
Just like fire!

Songwriters: ALECIA Moore / Max Martin / Oscar Holter / Karl Schuster
Just Like Fire lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Walt Disney Music Company, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

About Pink

Alisha Beth Moore (Eng. Alecia Beth Moore, September 8, 1979, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA), better known under the pseudonym Pink (English P! Nk) – American singer, songwriter and actress, who became a popular singer in early 2000 , after the release of the album Can’t Take Me Home.

She released her first single “There You Go”, which was included in her album, recorded in the r’n’b style – Can’t Take Me Home. The album was released in 2000 via LAFACE RECORDS and was successful. Her next album M! Ssundaztood was recorded in the style of pop rock, different from the sound of the previous album. The disc was released in 2001 and was also successful around the world.

Pink released her 3rd album Try This in November 2003, which, although it had less commercial success than the previous one, about 3 million copies were sold anyway, and for the single from the album “Trouble” the singer received the Grammy Award as “ Best Female Rock Song. Her 4th album was released in 2006 under the name I’m Not Dead. From the album were released several singles that were leading in the charts – “Stupid Girls”, “U + Ur Hand” and “Who Knew”. Her 5th album, Funhouse, was released at the end of October 2008, and the single “So What” was released. Other songs also hit the Top 20 – Sober, Please Don’t Leave Me and Glitter In the Air.

Pink is the best pop artist from 2000 to 2010 rated by the American Billboard magazine The Ultimate Hit Parade of the Decade. She also ranked 10th on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, in the Top 20 in the USA, won 2 Grammy awards, 5 MTV Music Awards and 2 Brit Awards.

“Billboard Top 40 Money Makers” in the Music Report for 2009 wrote that Pink became the 6th in the rating of the most paid artists in 2009, with revenue per year only in the music field at $ 36 million.

People’s Chart notified via radio station BBC Radio 1 that Pink was the 11th in the rating of Most Losing Performers on British Radio from 2000 to 2010, skipping ahead of The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, U2 and Michael Jackson .


Pink, also known as Alisha Moore, was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA, daughter of Judith Moore, nee Kugel, a nurse, and James Moore, Jr., a Vietnam war veteran. Her father is Catholic, and her mother is Jewish, and her ancestors immigrated from Ireland, Germany and Lithuania. Pink grew up in Doylestown, where she attended Kutz Elementary School, Lenape High School, and Central Bucks West High School. Her father played the guitar and sang songs for her, and from an early age she sought to become a rock star. Pink has a brother, Jason Moore (born in 1977).

In high school, Moore joined her first group, Middleground, which had competition with another group The Jetsists. Middleground lost in competition to The Jetsists. According to Pink, she was most strongly influenced by Batt Midler, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Billy Joe, Indigo Girls, Donald McLean, 2Pac and The Notorious BIG.

Alisha Moore has been developing her voice since childhood. Although she was a healthy child from birth, Alisha quickly earned asthma, which tormented her as a child. When she was a teenager, she wrote poetry as an outlet for feelings, and her mother commented: “Her first recordings were always very introspective. Some of them were very dark and very deep, almost nervous. ” She began performing at clubs in Philadelphia when she was 14 years old, and went through skateboarding, hiphopera and gymnast phases.

At the age of 16, in 1995, Alisha Moore joined Choice, an American r’n’b girl group gathered from ZOEgirl, Chrissy Conway, and Sharon Flanagan.

Their first song was “Key to My Heart”. Her copy was sent to LAFACE RECORDS in Atlanta, Georgia, where LA Reid overheard her and made it possible for the group to fly there so that he could watch their performance. After that, he signed a recording contract with them. Due to the fact that the girls were not yet 18, their parents had to sign a contract together.

The group moved to Atlanta and recorded the album, and “Key to My Heart” appeared on the soundtrack Kazaam for the 1996 film of the same name.

Choice finally broke up in 1998 after recording an unreleased album, but Alisha Moore remained at LaFace as a solo artist under the stage name Pink, a nickname that was given to her by her friends because she blushed when she was embarrassed. Daryl Simmons took her on the recordings where she sang backing vocals for such artists as Diana Ross, 98 Degrees, Kenny Lattimore and Tevin Campbell.

Solo musical career.

2000-2001: Can’t Take Me Home

Pink’s debut album Can’t Take Me Home was produced by Babyface, Terence “Tramp-Baby” Abney, She’ksphere, Dallas Austin, The Specialists and Steve Rhythm and released in April 2000. He was certified twice by Platinum in the USA, having sold 5 million copies worldwide and produced two top 10 American singles: “There You Go” and “Most Girls” (also hit in Australia). The third single from the album “You Make Me Sick” hit top-40 and the British hit top-10 in early 2001 and participated in the film “Last dance for me”. The song “Split Personality” participated in the film “Princess Diaries”. She was screensaver in ‘N Sync on their US tour in the summer of 2000.

In 2001, she recorded a 1975 label Labelle single, “Lady Marmalade” with Christina Aguilera, rapper Lil ‘Kim and Mýa for the soundtrack of the movie “Moulin Rouge!”. Produced by hip-hop producers Rockwilder and Missy Elliott, the song blew up the tops of the charts in countries including New Zealand, the UK, Australia and the USA., Where it became the most successful single just aired in history. The success of the single was supported by the video, which was popular on music channels and won the MTV Video Music Awards in the nomination “Video of the Year”. The song won the Grammy Award – the first for Pink for “Best Joint Vocal”, and made an advertisement for four careers of singers.

2001-2002: M! Ssundaztood

Tired of being sold, like any other typical pop artist, she waited to be seen as a more serious songwriter and musician, to perform the type of music she wanted. For this, Pink turned her sound into a new direction and looked for a more creative modulation while recording her album. She hired Linda Perry, a former singer from 4 Non Blondes (one of Pink’s favorite in her youth), who said Pink openly: “In the beginning I just said:“ How do you feel? ”- and she [Pink] just sat at the piano and sang. ” Pink moved to Perry’s home in Los Angeles, where they spent several months recording the songs for the album. Perry co-authored and co-produced the album with Dellas Austin and Scott Storch, and according to VH1 Driven, Antonio “LA” Reid from LaFace Records was not at first pleased with Pink’s music she had made. Album,

His main single, “Get The Party Started” (written and produced by Perry) hit the top 5 in the US and many other countries and became number one in Australia. At the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, the video won in the categories “Best Female Video” and “Best Dance Video”. Other singles from the album – “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, produced by Dellas Austin “Just Like A Pill” and “Family Portrait” – also had success on the radio and on the charts, and “Just Like A Pill” became the first solo hit Pink in the UK. The singles have become significant hits on Adult Top 40 radio. Missunderstood has been certified Gold or Platinum in more than 20 countries, with global sales of 15 million. It was the second best-selling album in the UK in 2002.

On the 2002 album Faith Hill, Cry is a song co-authored with Pink and Perry. In 2002, Pink began the leading American, European and Australian Tour Party Tour; She later performed on the opening tour of the American tour of Lenny Kravitz.

2003-2005: Try This

In mid-2003, Pink contributed to the song “Feel Good Time”, the soundtrack to the film “Charlie’s Angels 2: Only Ahead,” in which she had a cameo role as a furious motocross owner / patron. Co-author of the song “Feel Good Time” was Beck, produced by electronic music artist William Orbit, and based on the song “Fresh Garbage” by Spirit. She became Pink’s first single, which did not make it to the top 40 in the Hot 100, although she was a hit in Europe and Australia. At the same time, Pink’s song co-written with Damon Elliott was released on the album Mýa Moodring.

“Feel Good Time” was included in the non-US releases of Pink Try This’s third album, which was released on 11 November 2003. Eight of the thirteen tracks were written with Tim Armstrong from Rancid; Linda Perry took part in the album as an author and musician. Although Try This reached the top 10 in the album charts in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, sales were quite low compared to the same Missundaztood; He received Platinum in the United States and sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, a commercial failure can be compared to its predecessor. The Trouble and God Is a DJ singles did not reach the American top 40, but hit the top 10 in other countries, and Last To Know was released as a single outside North America. “Trouble” earned Pink her second Grammy Award (for “Best Vocal Rock Performance”) at the 2004 Grammy Awards, “Feel Good Time” was nominated in the category “Best Pop Vocal Collaboration”. She made an extensive Try This Tour tour across Europe and Australia, where the album was better recognized.

In 2005, she collaborated with her best friend Lisa Maria Presley on the track “Shine” on Presley’s second album Now What.

2006-2007: I’m Not Dead

Pink took a break in writing songs for her fourth album I’m Not Dead, the name of which she explained as follows: “He says that you need to be lively and decisive and not sit shut up, even if people like it”.

Pink worked with producers Max Martin, Billy Mann, Christopher Rojas, Butch Walker, Lukasz Gottwald and Josh Abraham on the album. The album was released in April 2006 through LaFace Records and has had significant success around the world, particularly in Australia. The album reached the top 10 in the US, the top 5 in the UK, was number one in Germany and remained number one in Australia for two weeks in a row, although it had the worst sales in the US, until the success of the single “U + Ur Hand” early 2007. The album took 96 place in the USA in 2007.

The main single, Stupid Girls, was Pink’s biggest hit in the US since 2002 and earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The clip on it, in which she parodied such celebrities as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Mary-Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton and Phil Spring., Won the MTV Video Music Award in the category “Best Pop Video”. Subsequent singles “Who Knew” and “U + Ur Hand” became significant hits in Australia and Europe, and later they became top 10 hits in the USA in 2007. Non-American singles were “Nobody Knows,” a minor hit in the UK, Australia and Germany; “Dear Mr. President ”,“ an open letter to American President George W. Bush (with the participation of Indigo Girls) hit number 1 in Belgium, hit top-5 in Germany, in Australia and other countries; “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)” – entered the British top 40 and Australian top 5; and “‘Cuz I Can”.

The album sold more than 1.3 million copies in the United States, more than 700,000 in Australia and 6 million worldwide. Being very popular in Australia, with 6 top-5 singles and a record 62 weeks in the top-10; the album thus became 10 times Platinum. In June 2008, the album I’m Not Dead returned to the top 50 in the Australian ARIA charts and remained there until November 2009. In June 2009, the album returned to the top 10 album charts after 142 weeks in the domestic top 50. He entered again at # 10 amid the huge Funhouse Tour tour and since 2010 spent 162 weeks in the top 50 on the Australian album chart ARIA.

In support of the album, Pink began the world tour I’m Not Dead Tour, tickets for which were almost sold out in Australia; she sold out about 307,000 tickets in Australia, making a record for the largest fullness of the room during the artist’s tour. One of the London shows on the tour was recorded and released on DVD Pink: Live from Wembley Arena. In 2006, Pink was chosen to sing for NBC Sunday Night Football, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” which is Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Lovin ‘You”. She sang a cover version of Rufus’s “Tell Me Something Good” for the soundtrack of the film “Happy Feet”, and took her name for the PlayStation to advertise PSP, a special rosé edition.

Pink collaborated with some other artists in 2006 and 2007 when she was at the opening of the American leg of the Justin Timberlake tour of FutureSex / LoveShow. She sang in the album Indigo Girls Despite Our Differences. She participated in the song “Am Not My Hair” by India.Arie, in the film of the film company Lifetime Television “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Masteomy” She wrote a song (“I Will”) for Natalia’s third album Everything & More. Outside of You, another song written with her in collaboration, was recorded by dance pop singer Hilary Duff and released on her 2007 album Dignity. Pink recorded a song with Annie Lennox and twenty-two female artists for Lennox’s fourth solo studio album, Songs of Mass Destruction. Under the title “Sing,” it was written as a hymn for HIV / AIDS, according to the Lennox website.

In December 2007, a special edition of the P! Nk Box, which includes its second to fourth albums and DVD Live in Europe, was released in Australia. He reached the top 20 in the album charts and was certified Gold, selling more than 35,000 units.

I’m Not Dead was the second best selling album of the decade in Australia between 2000 and 2010.

2008-2010: Funhouse

Pink performs at a closed London concert to promote the album Funhouse on November 4, 2008. On August 7, 2008, the single “So What” leaked onto the Internet and on radio stations in Australia and immediately received a major broadcast. In less than 6 hours of leakage, “So What” was chosen as # 1 on the Nova 100 Melbourne and hit on # 1 on the national radio network Today Network Hot 30 Countdown. He also became # 1 on the official Australian and British iTunes charts. On August 22, Pink announced a new track called “Crystal Ball”.

September 18, 2008 “So What” became the first solo hit in her career on the Billboard Hot 100. The track reached the first line in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany. Pink was the guest of honor at the 2008 ARIA Music Awards held in Sydney, Australia in October 2008, where she sang “So What”. On November 3, 2008, Funhouse made its debut in the first line of the ARIA chart, becoming Platinum twice, selling more than 86,000 units in the first week. The Pink Funhouse tour was sold out at all concerts in Australia, she performed a total of 58 shows around the country from May to August 2009, performing for more than 600,000 Australian fans.

The Funhouse Tour began in France on February 24 and continued throughout Europe until mid-May with support in the form of the Raygun group. Pink then performed a series of shows in Australia.

November 23, 2008 Pink performed her second single from Funhouse, “Sober”, at the American Music Awards. The third single was “Please Don’t Leave Me”, the video was directed by Dave Meyers. The fourth single was “Funhouse”, although “Bad Influence” was released in Australia before the release of “Funhouse” as an advertising single for the tour.

In May 2009, Pink released a set of 4CD with her Can’t Take Me Home / M! Ssundaztood / Try This / I’m Not Dead albums, not counting the Funhouse album. The album peaked at line 7 in the UK Album Chart.

On September 13, 2009, Pink sang “Sober” during a trapeze performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, [33] where she was nominated for “Best Female Video”. January 31, 2010 Pink performed again on a trapezium in the form of a silk ribbon at the 2010 Grammy Awards, this time with the song “Glitter in the Air”. She received standing ovations.

Pink’s music was screensaver on October 4, 2009 in an episode of Australian Idol.

Pink was the lead singer in a 1985 remake of the charity single “We Are the World”. Then it was announced that Pink would collaborate with Herbie Hancock for her album The Imagine Project.

Pink said that after the Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour, she would like to return to the studio to add Funhouse, but it would take some time to record, because she “really has nothing to say.”

2012: The Truth About Love

On October 7, 2011, RCA Music Group announced the breakup of Jive Records, Arista Records and J Records. Before closing the label, many artists, including Pink, managed to sign contracts with other labels. The new album (and subsequent recordings) Pink will be recorded on the RCA Records label.

At the end of 2011, Joe Richchichelli announced that Pink would return to the studio to record a new album. On February 29, Pink officially confirmed that she was working on a sixth studio album.

On June 19, Pink sent a video message through her Twitter account saying that her new single is called “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”. On July 3, the release of the single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” took place.

On July 4, Pink announced via Twitter that her sixth studio album will be titled The Truth About Love and will be released on September 18, 2012. After that, Pink will go on tour in support of the album.

On September 6, 2012, Pink released the second single “Try,” and he soon sounded on radio stations. It was released and the video with the text of the song “Try”.

Pink also introduced the text videos for the songs “Just Give Me a Reason”, “How Come You’re Not Here”, “Slut Like You” and “Are We All We Are” in her official VEVO account.

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